Arts and Culture brings us together. It inspires, provides hope, and offers a way to express ideas. It is a vital part of our Park City and Summit County community.

In the past decade, Park City and Summit County have made significant investments in recreation and open space that have critically improved our quality of life. We have not made similar investments in our Arts and Culture services. 

A diverse group of community leaders have come together to advocate for the future. This group asked the Park City Summit County Arts Council to manage a collaborative, community-wide planning effort to chart a course forward.

This initiative is called Project ABC: Art, Beauty, Culture.  

The first phase was to complete a cultural plan which was finished in April 2018. The plan includes a series of priorities and recommendations that support our local artists, nonprofits, businesses, makers, and creative dreamers. 


The following guiding principles helped to steer the planning phase of Project ABC. They expanded throughout the processbased on community need and will be used as guideposts through implementation.

• Think big, but find small wins.

• Use Arts and Culture as a conduit to address other community values and needs.

•  Ensure Summit County is a welcome home for artists and arts organizations of all sizes and disciplines.

• Emphasize ongoing public engagement.

• Engage in partnership and collaboration.

• Take ownership and maintain open communication.

• Use unifying language to enable collaboration.