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The Project ABC Cultural Plan was created to document the hopes, dreams, needs, and challenges of the Summit County creative community and to build a roadmap for future vitality and sustainability of Arts and Culture. Thousands of people shared their ideas and expressed their support over the year-long planning process. Dozens of business, nonprofit, creative, philanthropic, and government leaders provided the funding. Each month the Steering Committee came together to provide guidance and ensure the progress was on track. 

The Park City Summit County Arts Council (PCSC Arts Council) managed the data collection, convening, and documentation phases with the project management support of Jake McIntire from Union Creative Agency. We are grateful to everyone who put their energy, time, and ideas into the planning phase of the process.



Lead Writers and Researchers

Hadley Dynak, Executive Director, PCSC Arts Council

Jake McIntire, Union Creative Agency


Design and Production Team

Amy Antonini, graphic design and layout

Kristen Mitchell, graphic design and layout

Taylor Goldstein, content development

Alison Kuhlow, content development

Shaun Roberts, content development

Damian Rodriguez, content development

Jocelyn Scudder, content development


Project ABC Outreach Support

Heather Currie 

Maxinne Dalton 

Ivy Edgar 

Kyrie Langston 

Alyssa McCulloch 

Natalie Nester 

Sophia Nester 

Abby Powell 

Julie Tsalagi


Project ABC Steering Committee

Roger Armstrong (Summit County Council) 

Randy Barton (Egyptian Theatre) 

Alex Butwinski (PCSC Arts Council Board) 

Jenny Diersen (Park City Municipal Corporation staff) 

Travis English (Summit County staff) 

Trever Johnson (Coalville City mayor) 

Bill Malone (Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau) 

Mary Beth Maziarz (Singer-songwriter) 

Teri Orr (Park City Institute) 

Brian Richards (Mountain Town Music) 

Bob Richer (Former Park City Council member) 

Bill Rock/Whitney Wall (Park City Mountain Resort) 

Rob Slettom (Park City Area Lodging Association) 

Katie Stellpflug (Artique) 

Bob Wheaton/Carrie Westberg (Deer Valley Resort) 

Nann Worel (Park City Council) 

Katie Wright (Park City Community Foundation)



Project ABC Workgroup Participants

Beth Armstrong 

Susannah Barnes

Ronald Butkovich 

Alex Butwinski 

Nan Chalat Noaker 

Sanne Christensen 

Kara Cody 

Marianne Cone 

Natalie Cope 

Jenny Diersen 

Maxine Dalton 

Karri Del Hays 

Laurie Eastwood 

Craig Elliott 

Sally Elliott 

Morgan Everett 

Leslie Harlow 

Russell Harlow 

Rob Harris 

Jack Helton 

Judy Horwitz 

Jeffrey Jones 

Adriane Juarez 


Becky Kearns 

Alison Kuhlow 

Becca Lael 

Kyrie Langston 

Amy MacDonald 

Jory Macomber 

Jennifer Malherbe 

Jan Massimino 

Mary Beth Maziarz 

Alyssa McCulloch 

Susan Meyer 

Kristen Mitchell 

Sandra Morrison 

Alex Natt 

Connie Nelson 

Natalie Nester 

Sophia Nester 

Kristen Nilsson 

Ben Nitka 

Teri Orr 

Jill Orschel 

LaraLee Ownby 

Ed Parigian 


Dori Pratt 

Alix Railton 

Brian Richards 

Ginger Ries 

David Riley 

Nate Rockwood 

Meisha Ross 

Whitney Ryan 

Sharon Sams 

Melissa Skarsten 

Rob Slettom 

Katie Stellpflug 

Bekah Stevens 

Max Ventura 

Katy Wang 

Heather Weinstock 

Sarah West 

Carrie Westberg 

Claire Wiley


Funding Partners

The following institutions, organizations, and individuals have generously donated resources to make ProjectABC happen.