The Project ABC Cultural Plan is YOUR roadmap. It is for the Summit County community to use as a guide to explore, discover, and build new ideas, pathways, bridges, and projects. Please use the document to inform your organization’s strategic planning process, the development of your next big project, or as supportive material to make the case for your revolutionary idea. 

Project ABC is an iterative and ongoing process owned and implemented by key stakeholders and the Summit County community at large. Within and across the Collective Priorities and Strategic Recommendations included in this plan are many possible action steps that will occur over the coming years. The implementation details will vary greatly from one stakeholder group to the next. Progress will occur in different ways and at different times based on the independent needs, constraints, ideas, and resources of each individual and organization. 

The existing landscape, needs, dreams, opportunities, and recommendations are charted. Now it is your turn to forge ahead in whatever way makes sense for you and your organization. The future of Arts and Culture in Summit County is in your hands.

This Implementation Dashboard documents progress and momentum toward implementation of the Collective Priorities and Strategic Recommendations. Below you will find stories of implementation and a tracker that gives a quick snapshot of current momentum on each Collective Priority. 








Momentum Tracker

This section tracks the momentum on each of the Collective Priorities. Each month we update the overall momentum for each priority area based on work happening throughout Summit County. 



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