We are building a roadmap for the future based on your needs and ideas.

The result will be a series of short and long-term action steps that support our local artists, nonprofits, businesses, makers, and creative dreamers. 

We define Arts and Culture as the local production and presentation of events, programs, and products based on creative ideas and cultural inspiration.

This is inclusive of everything from public art to the County Fair; from local creative enterprises to film, music, performance, and visual arts activity; from art education to art as a community development strategy. We are thinking big and considering all the ways that arts and culture do and can benefit our community in the future. 

ProjectABC's core values include:

A transparent, participatory, and inclusive planning process
A multidisciplinary look at Arts and Culture
Thinking big and find small wins
Using creative thinking and approaches
Connecting the process to city and county goals and priorities
Committing to action